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Best Donair 2010
by Carsten Knox

Meeting People Is Easy
by Mike Landry

Best Donair 2009
by Carsten Knox

Best Donair 2008
King of Donairs 2008

8 words: I really really really freaking love donair poutine. #OMG #CantEven #Donair #Poutine #MindBlown ...

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Craving one of these bad boys? Too wet to go outside? Have no fear, KOD is here and we deliver! #SugarPlum #Donair ...

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When's the last time you had a #DonairSub? #WhosHungry #GetInMyBelly #DonairBreath #EauDuDonair ...

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In honour of Stone Cold Steve Austin, KOD would like to congratulate Eddie Duggan with a KOD gift certificate for becoming our 316th follower! Send us a message to arrange a pick up Eddie. #Austin316 #StoneColdSaidSo #DonairLove ...

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